What Is Mushroom Stir-Fry?

Mushroom stir-fry is a dish of Chinese origin that contains mushrooms and other diced vegetables and is prepared using stir-fry cooking techniques, which involve using high heat and a wok or frying pan. This dish is served hot, often on a bed of rice. Prepared with a variety of sauces and spices, mushroom stir-fry can be eaten as a main course or as a side dish. Stir-fried dishes are popular fare in Chinese restaurants, where diners can use either chopsticks or a fork.

Making stir-fry of any variety requires the chef to dice vegetables into small chunks or slices. A mushroom stir-fry can include onions, garlic, peppers, baby corn or just about any other vegetable that is common in Chinese fare. The chef will put a wok or frying pan over very high heat, throw in the vegetables with some oil and stir them continuously. Meat, such as chicken or beef, also is a common ingredient in stir-fry meals but typically is left out of mushroom stir-fry, which uses mushrooms are the dominant ingredient.


Many types of mushrooms go well in a mushroom stir-fry. Some of the most common varieties are button and cremini mushrooms, which are soft and can be sliced into thin strips or quartered into chunks. Shiitake mushrooms are more expensive than more common varieties and contain long, thin stems with a small button on top. Their chewier texture can add variety to any pan-fried or stir-fried dish. Portobello mushrooms have large, thick caps and very short stems, and they make an excellent meat substitute in a flash-fried meal because they are dense and robust.

More than anything else, it is the sauce that gives a mushroom stir-fry its flavor. Soy sauce is a common base when making stir-fry, and it works well without any additions. Honey or plum sauce added to soy sauce can inject some sweetness into an otherwise savory dish. Some chefs will also use oyster sauce, black bean sauce or hoisin sauce to make the dish as delicious as possible. A small amount of corn starch and water are also welcome additions to a stir-fry, because they help thicken the sauce and cling to the vegetables when heated.

Mushroom stir-fry is a hearty dish that goes well with white rice. In addition to being filling and tasting great, it can prepared using very healthy cooking methods and makes an excellent vegetarian option for lovers of Chinese cuisine. Although it can be delicious on its own, mushroom stir-fry also can be enjoyed when served among other Chinese dishes.



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