What Is Mobile Media Advertising?

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Mobile media advertising is advertising that displays on devices such as smart phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and media tablets. Users may see this advertising when visiting mobile websites, using games and applications, or text messaging. Mobile media campaigns may use similar marketing techniques to those used by traditional Internet marketers.

An organization that is considering a mobile media marketing campaign may develop it using processes that are similar to traditional Internet marketing campaigns. Aspects to evaluate include the advertiser’s goals, the target audience, and whether the campaign is standalone or a part of another campaign. Additional aspects to consider are the advertiser’s budget and how will the advertiser know its campaign has succeeded.

The advertiser should strive to match the placement of an ad to its goals. For example, if the goal is to enhance brand awareness, the advertiser may choose to place ads where the user is likely to frequently see the ad, such as in games as well as smart phone and media tablet applications. Ads may also link to a mobile website that can give the viewer more information or more opportunity to interact with the advertiser.


There are several mobile media advertising inventory types advertisers may purchase. Some of these include mobile display ads, messaging, paid search, and in-application. Mobile display ad inventory often consists of banner ads, and though similar to traditional web ads, these will be smaller and simpler. A text message may have a short text ad inserted at the end the message which can allow the users to reply to the text ad or to select a link.

The paid search inventory for mobile media advertising functions much like a traditional Internet paid search. Another popular inventory type consists of ads that are displayed within games and applications. Developers for these products may offer advertising opportunities to offset their costs, which allows them to price their products lower and gain sales.

There are various types of metrics that the advertiser reviews to determine campaign success. An advertiser that launched a mobile display media campaign may choose to review direct response and ad effectiveness metrics. Direct response success may be measured by ad impressions and click-through rates. These types of metrics are also frequently used for non-mobile Internet campaigns.

Evaluating ad effectiveness is more difficult than evaluating direct responses. These mobile media advertising metrics analyze the effect of the campaign on consumer recall and action. The metrics are often obtained from companies that specialize in determining ad effectiveness.



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Post 4
@StarJo – Sure, if you sign up for these ads via text on purpose, then they wouldn't be a nuisance. However, I've been getting some of them lately that I haven't requested, and this really bothers me.

I feel like my privacy has been somehow violated. My cell number isn't listed anywhere, and I don't give it out to stores unless I have a credit card with them and I had to let them have it in order to get the card. Maybe this is where they are getting my number from.

I think that advertising companies should recommend to businesses that they only send out these text ads to customers who have signed up for them. Giving your phone number to a store for another purpose does not give them permission to send you text message ads.

Post 3

I don't own a smart phone, and I only get online with my laptop. I don't know much about ads that pop up on mobile phones, but I have seen some interesting forms of mobile billboard advertising around town lately.

This is what I think of when I hear the term “mobile media.” An increasing number of delivery trucks are being decked out with huge signs on the sides that are basically giant ads. I have even seen a few that were electronic and animated!

I saw one man riding some sort of weird wagon down the city street that had a giant billboard attached. It was advertising a local bakery, and he had free samples of food on the wagon to give to people.

Post 2

I get mobile advertisements sent to my phone from time to time. I signed up to be included in my favorite stores coupon text list so that I wouldn't miss out on any big sales.

The ads come in the form of a text message. The message states the date and times of the sale, as well as how much I can save. There is a link at the bottom of the message that I can click in order to shop online or view products.

I like being on this list. Getting ads via text message annoys some people, but I see it as a great opportunity to find out about sales before the general public does. It sure gets the word out a lot faster than sending out mailers or advertising in newspapers.

Post 1

I think that most internet advertising that you would see if you browsed with your computer would also pop up if you were browsing with your mobile phone. I'm sure there are exceptions and even ads that are made just for phones to see, but I see a lot of the same ads across the board.

I don't have internet on my phone, but I do borrow my husband's phone to check my email from time to time. There are plenty of ads on there that have one-line links to click, but I only click them on accident. All I want to do is check my email, so I'm not interested in hearing about new products or services.

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