What Is Mobile Blogging?

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The term mobile blogging, or "moblogging," refers to posting information to a blog via a mobile device. It is a relatively new form of blogging and offers convenient access to Internet publishing tools. Mobile blogging can be done from any mobile device that offers Internet access.

Although mobile blogging is fairly new, it has become popular because of advances in mobile technology. Internet users are now able to publish content to their blogs from almost anywhere. As long as the mobile device has a signal and Internet access, Internet users can connect and share information on the spot.

This form of blogging can be an attractive option to blog owners because of its convenience. Images, video, and text can be uploaded to a blog via an Internet-based interface, which means that posting to a blog can be done quickly and easily. With the free blogging platforms on the Internet, users do not need technical knowledge. Posting to a blog is as simple as logging in, writing the post, publishing it, and logging out.

Mobile blogging is also a faster way of sharing information. It is easy to see why this would be the case because with ordinary blogging, the author needs a computer or laptop with Internet access before he or she can post. When someone is traveling, for instance, this could mean delays in posting. With mobile blogging, a post can be made in the same time it takes to send a text message.


Ordinary blogging is already a cheaper option than traditional Internet publishing, but mobile blogging takes this to the next level. Bloggers can get free hosting, a free domain name, and the ability to update and maintain their blogs. Mobile blogging eliminates the need for a computer and Internet access, and users only pay for the amount of time they spend online. This means that there are fewer expenses, as computers are not needed, and Internet subscriptions can be avoided altogether.

Mobile blogging can be done from almost any mobile device, provided that it has Internet access. The types of media that can be shared, however, depend on the kind of device used. A mobile phone with video capabilities or with a camera offers the option of uploading video clips and images in addition to text. Mobile devices with QWERTY keypads and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are more convenient because of the layout of the keys, making it easier to type longer posts.



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