What is Manufacturing Process Management?

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Manufacturing process management is a strategy used to make a manufacturing process as efficient as possible. This planning process may allow multiple sites to work on a project at the same time during product development. Using different technologies and methods to evaluate the process of producing a product can help to ensure the most efficient production process. This type of analysis evolved from the simulation and off-line programming of the 1980s, as well as computer-aided production engineering (CAPE) systems from the 1990s.

Using manufacturing process management in the chain of process may allow cuts in production cost, may aid in communication, and may put into operation the best production processes. It may also decrease the time it takes for the product to reach the market, as well as time-to-volume, or the time it takes to achieve manufacturing on full scale. While other business processes may focus on which products to produce or when a product should be produced, this type of process management focuses on the planning aspect of manufacturing the product.


Those who make utilize manufacturing process management must have instant access to a range of information related to the product. Documents such as service manuals, bid packages, and work instructions can be assessed. The culmination of this range of information can help to determine whether manufacturing is running as smoothly and quickly as possible. It may, for example, help a company to determine whether a it may be able to save money if it runs a certain machine at a certain time of day.

Different companies offer different types of manufacturing process management. The assembly line layouts and time management processes they offer may differ. The type of manufacturing process management best suited to a company's individual needs will depend on the product to be produced and the size of the company providing the product idea.

The planning process of manufacturing process management may include planning tools like 2D assembly line layouts, welding and measurement points. While in planning, analysis capabilities allows users of this system to check production, product, and investment cost. It may also perform line balances and aid in verification of line performance.

Manufacturing process management engineering tools allow users to view a 3D graphics model of the work environment. Simulations of systems and deliveries can be observed and analyzed. Web-based tools may be available with this type of planning and management. A browser may be provided to outside users, allowing the processes and information to be viewed from any computer.



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