What is Maintenance Management Software?

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Maintenance management software is designed to help in the process of overseeing or tracking and managing resources that are essential to the operation of a company or organization. There are several basic functions that are associated with maintenance management software, including the tracking of raw materials within the manufacturing process, the maintenance of both raw stock and finished goods inventories, and the use of support materials and machinery by department.

In general, maintenance management software provides an easy integration of various types of management software and maintenance software. This combination of several different functions and tracking of multiple resources within one program can allow a company to quickly take a snapshot of all aspects of the operation. Beginning with the raw stock and moving all the way through to the production of the finished goods, it becomes possible to quickly identify what resources are used, at what rate the resources are consumed, and at what point there may be room for improvement of the process.


To this end, maintenance management software will including inventory management software that provides data on raw stock that is awaiting issuance to a department, stock that is in process within a department, and the goods that are finished and ready for distribution. Purchasing software within the package can be used to set up automated reminders for re-order when materials reach a minimum amount on hand. Human resource features help to monitor hours worked, so that it is easy to determine when the time to hire additional labor has arrived. Even sales and marketing functions can be incorporated with maintenance management software, making it possible for the manufacturing part of the operation to make adjustments based on projections that are based on sales activity and new promotions.

While maintenance management software has generally resided in a server environment, it is possible to operate the package in a local user environment. Also, modern wireless technology has now made it possible for busy professionals to access system based maintenance management software via Internet access on hand held devices.



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