What is Luxury Soap?

Luxury soap is soap that has been enhanced to appeal to one or more of the senses. This can mean that the soap produces more lather than other types of soaps or it can have a pleasing fragrance. Typically, these types of soaps are used in a bath as a way to relax and gently cleanse the skin. Luxury soap usually comes in a bar but it can also be seen in a liquid form. These soaps can produce softer and healthier skin.

Lavender and rose petal extracts can be found in soaps that are used for relaxation purposes. These scents are also used in aromatherapy because inhaling the fragrance can help a body to feel more relaxed. Citrus-based fragrant soap can have a completely different effect. Instead of calming the body, it can increase energy and awareness. A combination of scent and moisturizers can be seen in some types of luxury soaps.

A Luxury soap can contain natural skin softeners. Shea butter, essential oils, and other types of moisturizers can also be included in the soap. The lather this type of soap produces can be modest. Oatmeal soap can contain ingredients that exfoliate the skin and the lather in this case, can be thick and sudsy. It gently scrubs the skin, removing dead cells. An exfoliating soap produces new subtle skin.

Soaps that are made organically and with all-natural ingredients can be referred to as luxury soap. They are commonly used by people who suffer with allergic reactions that affect skin. These types of soaps can also be used to bathe infants or toddlers, without having to worry about any harsh perfumes or other ingredients that can dry out the skin. Most organically made luxury soap is not tested on animals.

Seaweed soap is a luxury soap that can be used to deeply cleanse the skin. It is sometimes used as a natural alternative to acne medication because it is considered to be an astringent. Natural seaweed also has an exfoliating effect on the skin and when the soap used in combination with a loofah, it can effectively remove most of the dead skin cells. Some dermatologists claim that seaweed luxury soap can help to remove fat naturally from underneath the skin. Using this soap can dry out and tighten the skin but there is no scientific proof that it can help with weight loss.


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