What Is Low-Fat Chicken?

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Low-fat chicken is any chicken dish that contains a low amount of fat as compared to traditional chicken dishes. One of the methods used to reduce the amount of unwanted fat in any chicken dish is to remove the skin before cooking the chicken. Skinless chicken is a common ingredient in low-fat chicken dishes. Another method commonly used to reduce the amount of fat in a chicken dish is to parboil the chicken prior to assembling the low-fat chicken dish. The boiling water renders the fat of the chicken, allowing it to remain in the water once the meat is removed.

Many diets call for low-fat versions of traditional recipes to be used when cooking. Medical problems, such as heart and cholesterol issues, are typically noted for requiring a low-fat diet. Many people with good health and no medical issues also prefer low-fat dishes when dining. This type of health maintenance is commonly centered around eating plenty of low-fat dishes, along with fish and fresh vegetables.

Chicken is a typically a fatty meat. This requires low-fat chicken dishes to be carefully thought out. Baking, grilling and roasting are all methods used to produce a low-fat recipe when serving chicken. After removing the skin from a piece of chicken, care must be taken to avoid drying the meat out as it finishes cooking.


Other alternative cooking methods, such as slow cookers, rotisserie cookers and even microwave cooking, are typical options when preparing a low-fat dish featuring chicken. Another way of making a chicken dinner low-fat is to obtain the flavor of the dish through creative spices and vegetables instead of gravies, sauces and pan drippings. Chicken breast is one of the lowest in fat of all the chicken cuts, and works well in stir-fry dishes created in a wok. Cooking in a wok also requires very little added fat.

While a steamed chicken dish typically offers the lowest fat content of any style of cooking, it also adds the least amount of flavor appeal for some diners. By using a wok, many full-flavored, low-fat chicken meals can be prepared with less added fat than a single fried chicken offering. Chicken is a meat that responds well to hot seasonings, so adding cayenne pepper, jalapeno or chili peppers is an effective method of creating additional flavor while allowing the dish to remain low in fat content. When a gravy or cream sauce has to accompany the low-fat chicken dish, using low-fat milk in place of heavy cream will often make a lower-fat sauce that is flavorful and thick.



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