What is Love Addicts Anonymous?

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Love Addicts Anonymous is a support group founded to help individuals who are addicted to love. This can mean many things to different individuals. The primary issue that love addicts face is that they are unable to engage in a healthy relationship because they are terrified of being alone. These fears may lead to them to stay in an unhealthy relationship or to pursue relationships which are not right for them. Love Addicts Anonymous uses a twelve step program to allow participants to learn healthy dating habits and find real love rather than a cheap imitation.

Many love addicts live lives that are hindered by obsessive thoughts aimed at the object of their affections. This can be a new relationship or an infatuation object who may or may not return the addict’s feelings. Others stay in relationships in which abuse, neglect, and unhappiness are present due to fear of being alone and not having anyone to love. Love addicts also tend to give more in relationships than they receive in return. Affairs are common among those who are addicted to love as well.


The goal of Love Addicts Anonymous is to help these people learn new patterns for developing healthy romantic relationships. This is achieved using a twelve step program. The first of these steps is admitting that there is a problem, and placing responsibility for that problem on the addict so that is can be dealt with and overcome. Remaining steps include giving power to God for healing, admitting wrongdoings to another human being, and making amends with those who have been harmed due to the addictive behavior.

Success rates for Love Addicts Anonymous vary, but many subjects who fully commit to the program and attend all meetings will make a recovery. Each step much be adhered to and the program as a whole must be taken seriously in order for it to have an impact. Once all twelve steps are completed, addicts should be able to resist the temptation to fall into old habits and eventually become involved in a healthy relationship.

Some members may have to continue with meetings for many years, while others may learn coping skills well enough to continue healing without the additional support. In either case, relapses do occur but the twelve steps are designed to get addicts back on track afterward. Love Addicts Anonymous may be used in combination with other therapies and medications for maximum benefits.



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