What is Lotion Soap?

Lotion soap is a type of cleanser that also contains a moisturizing lotion. Lotion soap exists for the hands, face, and body, but it is most popular for the hands and body, because it has the potential to clog the pores on the face. This product can be a great idea for people who struggle with especially dry skin on their hands and body, particularly during the winter when the air is dry.

Lotion soap typically contains a light moisturizing ingredient that will soak easily into the skin. It can help to prevent the skin from becoming too dry, and can seal in moisture immediately during a shower or bath. The simultaneous cleansing and moisturizing of the skin is one way to keep skin looking young and fresh; in fact, lotion soap is now becoming more common even in dishwashing soap, where dish detergent is combined with a gentle hand lotion.

Of course, the lotion contained in the soap is not targeted for any specific purpose. For instance, some people like to use cellulite lotion or stretch mark lotion to treat scars or unattractive areas of the skin, and this type of lotion is simply not intended for deep moisturization. In addition, soap that contains lotion does not contain any sunscreen or protective ingredients, so it is important to always apply sunblock before going outside.

Lotion soap is also not intended to be used alone as lotion. The lotion soap will only work if it is applied to the skin while it is wet, then washed off. Body wash often contains lotion as well, which can help to moisturize areas that are hard to reach, such as the back. Of course, for most people, simply using soap that contains lotion will not be enough to moisturize dry skin. It can make a difference for people with very dry skin, however, who want a way to gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture, or for people who often forget to apply moisturizer after a shower or bath.

Lotion soap is typically very inexpensive, and is located in most stores with the hand soap and body wash. It often contains a pleasant scent as well, to add a delicate scent to the skin. Some contain other skin treatment ingredients such as green tea or aloe, to calm and soften the skin and prevent redness. Lotion soap for the face may be a good choice for people who suffer from very dry skin or redness on the face, such as from rosacea.


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