What Is Lormetazepam?

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Lormetazepam is a type of prescription medication that may be used to treat severe cases of insomnia. There is a high risk of dependence or addiction associated with this medication, so it is approved only for short-term usage. Some people may be advised not to take this type of medication, especially those with diagnosed psychological disorders or those who have a history of drug abuse. Common side effects include drowsiness, confusion, and muscle pain.

Most doctors will not prescribe lormetazepam for longer than a couple of weeks at a time due to the potential of dependence. This type of medication treats severe insomnia by reducing the amount of time that it takes to fall asleep. It also helps the patient to remain asleep for several hours at a time. It is important to take the medication immediately before going to bed at night, and it should be used exactly as prescribed by a doctor. Any compelling desire to take more of this medication than what is prescribed should be reported to a doctor.


Before taking lormetazepam, the prescribing physician should be informed of any past or present medical conditions, as this medication may not be safe for some people. Those with health conditions such as kidney disease or difficulty breathing may need to use a different kind of medication to treat insomnia. This medication may not be appropriate for anyone who has been diagnosed with a personality disorder or certain other psychological conditions. Lormetazepam may not be able to be taken with certain other medications, so it is important for the doctor to have a complete medical history from the patient.

Side effects may range from mild to severe and most commonly include drowsiness and confusion, which may continue into the following day. Additional symptoms may include blurred vision, memory loss, or an inability to feel emotion. Some people taking this medication may experience gastrointestinal disturbances such as constipation, diarrhea, or vomiting, with or without abdominal pain or cramping. Low blood pressure or a decreased libido are also potential side effects of this medication.

Any personality changes that occur after beginning treatment with lormetazepam should be reported to a doctor right away. Some reported personality changes include irritability, aggression, or suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Hallucinations or nightmares should also be reported to a doctor immediately. Any questions or concerns about lormetazepam or any possible side effects should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.



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