What Is Location Independence?

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Location independence is a work and lifestyle arrangement that allows people to live and work anywhere in the world. Some careers have a natural tendency for location independence while others may require more work to achieve this goal. People with an interest in location independence often want to travel and like to be able to support themselves while moving around. This type of lifestyle requires flexibility and self-motivation to build up a list of clients and supporters.

People with full location independence may have no fixed addresses for their homes or offices and can rely heavily on the Internet for creating and maintaining an established presence. Many work as freelancers in creative fields like photography and journalism, both of which often require locational flexibility. People who are already mobile and prepared to move on a moment's notice can be in line for breaking news assignments, and may establish careers as political journalists.

Other people with an interest in location independence may be knowledge workers who do not need to be in a specific location to work. This can include many writers as well as consultants and speakers who may find regular travel advantageous for their careers. The location independent worker can set up in hotel rooms, coffeehouses, work share spaces, and other environments to do work, and can do so from anywhere in the world with the assistance of an Internet connection.


Some practitioners of location independence are also interested in minimalism. They may cut down on the number of possessions they have to limit the hassle of travel; some live out of carry on luggage, for example, and do not want unnecessary clutter. While minimalism is not necessary, it can be helpful. Location independence in some communities can also involve a focus on work sharing, collectives, and other cooperative endeavors where people support each other through their travels.

Not all people can adapt to this lifestyle, and some careers are too inflexible to allow for location independence. The initial process of entering a location independent career can be frustrating at times. It is easy to lose ground with clients while traveling if the travels limit contact or promotion activities. Likewise, clients may not be inclined to work with someone outside their time zone, or with a contractor who is not reliable about deadlines. A high degree of focus and motivation along with access to a support network for referrals and advice can be very helpful.



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