What Is Leek Quiche?

A leek quiche is a quiche made using leeks as an ingredient. A quiche is a French term for a pastry filled with an egg mixture. The mixture consists of eggs and milk combined with ingredients such as cheese, meats and vegetables.

The quiche crust is typically made by combining flour and salt, cutting in shortening and then stirring in ice water. The crust is then pressed into a quiche dish or pie pan and filled with the quiche filling. The crust is not baked prior to adding the filling.

Quiche filling can be made from combinations of ingredients to suit individual tastes. With a base of eggs and heavy cream, additions such as bacon, cheese and leeks can complete the dish. Tomatoes and green peppers can be used to colorfully garnish the quiche as well as enhance its flavor.

Leeks, a member of the lily family, are a vegetable which resemble green onions. Their flavor, however, is milder than that of an onion. Leeks are available all year. When preparing leeks for use in a leek quiche, cooks cut off their dark green tops and stringy root bottoms and wash their white stems and remaining greens thoroughly. The leeks are then sliced and sauteed lightly in butter before being added to the quiche filling.

Quiche filing may also be made using a low-cholesterol egg substitute. Likewise, the crust can be made using healthier substitutes. A leek quiche can also be a vegetarian dish for those vegetarians who eat eggs, or the quiche can be made using an egg alternative such as tofu.

Leek quiche ingredient options can vary depending on whether the dish will be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Typically, meats such as bacon and sausage, as well as mild-flavored vegetables and cheeses, are added to a leek quiche being prepared for breakfast. For a leek quiche being served for lunch or dinner, flavors and ingredients can be more potent. Swiss and Romano cheeses are good options for a leek quiche, and the flavor can be made more intense by adding onions and peppers.

Once assembled, the leek quiche is typically baked until the crust and egg mixture are firm and golden brown. Doneness is checked by inserting a knife in the center of the quiche. When the knife comes out clean, it is done. The leek quiche can be sliced into individual servings or served buffet-style directly from the dish.


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