What is Kitchen Design Software?

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Kitchen design software was created to allow designers, architects, and homeowners a way to create a 3D model of a new kitchen before beginning actual remodeling. This software allows a homeowner to rearrange the layout of her kitchen on the computer screen to examine all the available decorating and remodeling possibilities without making any changes to the kitchen itself. Once a design has been chosen, remodeling or decorating in the actual kitchen can begin.

This is one of many various types of interior design software. Kitchen design software, as the name suggests, is used specifically for the kitchen. Certain home design software covers the entire home, while others are created for use with one room alone. Software dealing with only one room is typically a cheaper price and includes more options for that room than a software that must include items for an entire house might have.

Both architects and interior designers can benefit from kitchen design software. Interior designers will prefer to work with 3D modeling as they change the color and layout of the room. Architects will be more concerned with not only the layout of the room, but how realistic the blueprint is. The software allows both a 3D, color version of the room to be seen as well as a basic, dimensioned blueprint. This allows designers to create accurate measurements while choosing colors that work together at the same time.


Remodeling projects are much simpler when kitchen design software is first used to plan out the room. A homeowner may discover that it is not physically possible to arrange the furniture in the room the way she pictured it in her head, or realize that the wood style she chose for her cabinets will clash with the table and chairs. Often, homeowners run out of storage space in the kitchen and wish to install more cabinets, either on the floor or overhead. This software can layout the design to determine what works and what needs to be fixed before any construction is performed.

Creating a design before beginning any sort of remodeling, repainting, or redecorating project is essential not only to visualize the room and see what works best, but to communicate with the designer, homeowner, architect or construction workers. A homeowner may wish to create a 3D design showing her designer what she has in mind for the new kitchen. Alternatively, an interior designer may wish to create a blueprint and 3D model using kitchen design software to show the homeowner the design before she begins work, and to communicate with the architect or construction workers about any remodeling plans she wants to work with.



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