What Is Involved in Teacher Training?

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The process of teacher training can depend quite a bit on the country in which a person wishes to teach, as well as the level or type of school at which he or she wishes to teach. In the US, for example, most teachers must have a four-year degree in either general education or a particular field of education. After this initial degree, teacher training in the US also includes student teaching under the guidance of an established educator. Teachers interested in working in a Montessori school, on the other hand, usually undergo at least one additional year of graduate work to prepare for teaching at such a school.

Teacher training typically varies somewhat among countries, each of which establishes its own rules and parameters for such training. In general, however, most countries require structured education for teachers, usually beginning with receiving a degree from a college or university. Teacher training in the US, for example, begins with the completion of a bachelor’s degree program at a university. This degree can be a general education degree, usually for those interested in teaching primary education; an education degree in a particular subject is required of those who wish to teach in secondary education.


Many countries also require teacher training beyond what is found in a classroom, which usually takes the form of guided apprenticeships or student teaching. This is typically done in the final year of a teacher’s education and involves a student teacher working with an established teacher to practice and teach in a classroom. The guidance of a teacher allows the student to learn and make mistakes with the help of a teacher to keep these issues to a minimum. Once this student teaching is complete, then teacher training typically ends with the receipt of a college degree and passing certification tests for the country, state, or province in which the teacher wishes to teach.

Some teacher training may go beyond these requirements, however, such as teaching at a college or at a Montessori school. Most college and junior college instructors have at least a master’s degree, which usually requires two or more years of school after completion of a bachelor’s degree. Universities in many countries require that all instructors have a doctorate. Montessori schools usually require teacher training beyond a standard four-year degree and certification, including at least one year of post-graduate work and courses that help prepare teachers for the practices and expectations of Montessori schools.



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