What Is Involved in Computer Software Training?

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There are many types of computer software training available. These training classes teach a person how to use, install, and maintain specific software applications. Most training facilities include the necessary computer equipment and learning material to provide the students with hands-on experience with the software.

Computer software training is typically available in either a standard classroom setting or in an online virtual Internet classroom. These classes generally are designed to teach students to use specific software applications. Most software classes are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced training classes. This helps ensure the students are taught at an appropriate level based on their experience with the specific product.

Most makers of commercial software products provide special training and certification classes for information technology professionals. Training certification classes allow IT professionals to broaden their knowledge and experience, which can help market them to potential clients.

Computer software training instructors must be well versed in computer technology and have excellent communication skills. This job requires the same skill set as a teacher. Most jobs require a technical bachelor's degree with certification in specific computer applications.

Retired professionals who have used specific software applications make good teachers for training classes. These people have used the product in a professional setting. This can give the students a better appreciation of how to use the software in a work setting.


Training classes should provide enough detail to ensure the students understand the basic concepts of how to use the software. This training is typically done with books, videos, presentations, and lectures. The classes are designed to be collaborative, which gives the students hands-on training with a group.

Training classes are typically divided into either technical or business application training. Technical classes are more focused on software installation and maintenance tasks, whereas business classes teach the students how to use the business functions of the application.

Some computer software training is taught using virtual computer based training (CBT) videos. CBT is a cost effective way to train large numbers of people because it is done with a recorded video. This form of training is good for simple how-to training classes, but is not recommended for complex software applications.



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@Mammmood - IT training online is good and certainly useful for a lot of people, but I prefer a live computer class. I’ve tried it both ways.

I signed up for an online course at a local community college; it was computer networking training. We were told to sign into this blackboard on the college website to get our assignments, and we could communicate with the instructor via email.

It worked for awhile, but I found that I had many questions and there was just too much delay between email responses to make it worthwhile for me.

I then signed up for another computer class that was all live, and it was a much better experience. I prefer being able to watch a teacher teach and then demonstrate, rather than read boring text. I was able to get my questions answered more quickly also.

Post 2

@miriam98 - I believe that two technologies have radically transformed the nature of computer training: multimedia technology and the Internet.

I remember when computer based training companies sprung up years ago; they would create computer based training modules and put them on CDs for distribution. The fee was cheaper than what you would pay for a live class session, and it was as convenient as a VCR: just press play, rewind and stop.

Then came the Internet. Now these modules could be put online. There is even recording software you can get that will let you create your own training videos using screen captures while you record into a microphone.

As a developer, having computer software courses online is indispensable. There are tons of courses I can find online, some free and some paid, which have radically increased my productivity.

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The best place for free computer software training, especially if it’s basic training like how to use Microsoft Office applications, is your local library. Our local library hosts training sessions at different times during the summer months and all of the classes are free.

These classes are not as advanced as what you would find in a community college or a dedicated training center, but they are useful for people just getting introduced to a product.

I believe that all of the instructors are volunteers who have used the software extensively themselves, whether as users or as professional trainers, and can help people get up to speed quickly.

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