What Is Involved in Coaching Time Management?

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Coaching time management involves learning time management skills, setting goals to improve time management and determining which strategies are appropriate for each individual. Those who struggle to manage their time can employ a coaching time management service or consultant to help them learn how to manage their time effectively and become more productive personally and professionally. Some coaches offer the sessions on a one-on-one basis, while others offer group sessions or seminars. Individual sessions tend to be more expensive than group sessions, but there is also less one-on-one attention to the individual time management problems the person may have.

Time management coaching sessions address some of the habits that the individual or individuals have that are prohibiting them from properly managing their time. For example, some people may make a list of all of the things they need to complete on a particular day, but they do not prioritize the list so that the most important tasks are at the top.

A coach also provides tips and tricks on how to get through each task in the most time efficient manner possible. They teach shortcuts and techniques for staying focused on the task at hand so that it can be completed before moving on to the next task. It all comes down to learning strategies to alter behaviors that are holding the individual back from managing their time wisely.


Coaching time management typically involves walking through practice techniques during the session so that the individual or group of individuals learns the concept the coach is introducing. Most coaches also assign homework and ask the individuals to report back during the next session on the progress of the walking through the homework technique.

Going through coaching time management provides the means for the individual to cut back work hours, but still get their work done. This provides them with additional free time for their personal lives, such as spending time with friends and family members. Even those who do not have careers can benefit from coaching time management sessions and skills. Stay at home moms and dads or self-employed individuals who work from home can learn strategies to manage all of the tasks that need to get done during the day, and separate personal time from professional time.



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