What is Involved in Changing Your Name After Marriage?

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As long as you follow certain steps and procedures, changing your name after marriage is not especially complicated. The exact way in which you can change your name depends on the country or region in which you are getting married, and whether you are a man or a woman. Traditionally, women changed their last name, or surname, after marriage to be the same as the man’s name and this is still quite common in many countries. If you are a man, however, then changing your name after marriage can be somewhat more complicated and typically involves a few more steps.

Changing your name after marriage can be done in a number of ways. In the past, it was traditional for a woman to change her last name to match her husband’s once they were married. This practice is still upheld in many cultures, though there are now quite a few other options that married couples sometimes choose. Husbands can take the last names of their wives, both parties in the couple can adopt a new last name that consists of a hyphenated combination of both of their last names, and some couples choose an entirely new last name to take.


The basic steps involved in changing your name after marriage depend a great deal on the country, state or region you are in and whether you are a man or a woman. In the US, for example, you can typically change your last name if you are a woman getting married simply by indicating your new last name on the marriage license or certificate. This can vary depending on different laws in particular states, and if you are interested in changing your name after marriage to something fairly unusual, then you may need to legally change your name in a court of law. Changing your name after marriage in the UK follows a similar method and you can typically fill out a new last name on the marriage certificate.

If you are a man and are interested in changing your name after marriage, then you will typically need to file in a court of law to legally change your name. This process is not especially difficult or expensive. It is, however, usually necessary since a marriage license or certificate does not typically allow a man to legally change his name.

Once you do change your name, you should notify various government agencies and organizations about your name change once you receive your marriage certificate to prove the legal name change. You should notify your employer, any banks and financial groups you work with, and your local motor vehicle department or bureau for a new driver’s license. You also need to notify federal government agencies such as the Social Security Administration in the US and the Department of Health and Social Security in the UK.



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