What Is Involved in Business Ethics Management?

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Business ethics management is a term that is used in reference to desired moral standards in an organization. Most times, these ethical considerations are merely from the point of the importance of integrity and the adherence to a code of conduct that allows for proper accountability within the organization. These ethical values will serve as a part of the corporate values of the organization and will need to be properly implemented by the management of the company in order to take root and reflect in the dealings both inside and outside the organization.

One of the very first steps in the determination of the methods for business ethics management is to identify the specific corporate values and how they can be applied toward the development of an ethical code that is specific to that business. This is due to the fact that while ethics may have some common universal foundation, it does not have a complete definition of the universal ethical conducts. For instance, a company that is located in one culture might view something as ethical, while another company in another culture will take a negative view of the same issue. To this end, the company must determine what will be the ethical fine print that will guide the employees.


With the growth of globalization and the spreading of companies beyond their countries of origin, it is really important for such companies to take ethical considerations seriously in order to avoid unnecessarily offending anyone or any organization through their actions. In order to achieve this aim, the company must clearly define the sort of acts that it considers unethical and unacceptable. For instance, the company might have a policy regarding the way the employees relate to customers and the acceptance of tips from customers. Business ethics management may also be targeted toward areas like the ways the different managers and supervisors relate with the junior employees and the manner in which employees relate with each other.

A consideration with business ethics management is the integration of the business ethics into other forms of the company’s corporate culture. This must also be included into other forms of departmental policies, such as the human resource department recruitment plans. In this case, the human resource department will also include things aspects information about ethical expectations from new employees in their orientation.



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