What is Interior Design and Decorating?

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Interior design and decorating is the process of choosing the interiors of a home. This involves virtually everything within the home, including paint, wall treatments, floors, furniture, curtains and drapes, and decor, just to name a few. There are many popular television shows about interior design and decorating, and there are also many ideas to be found in books, magazines, and online. Another option is to hire an interior designer, either for the entire home or for just one room, such as a baby's nursery.

Typically, interior design and decorating refers to either changing one whole room or an entire home. While painting a room a new color or hanging up a new picture can be a part of interior decorating, it does not represent the longer, much more cohesive process used to design an interior area. The purpose of this type of interior design is typically to make the whole room or home look "put together" and finished, as if it revolves around one common theme or color scheme. Some people find virtual home software to be helpful, as it allows them to create a virtual layout of their home, and try different paint colors or furniture arrangements before making the physical changes.


If a person were to decide to do some interior design and decorating on her own home, she might first begin by selecting a color palette or even a particular piece of art that would be the central focus on the room. Then, it would be easier to choose paint colors, fabric colors, and even flooring based on the color palette for the room. The next step would then be to choose furniture and decor that complements the original color palette.

Of course, there isn't one correct way to do interior design and decorating. Many people enjoy changing their homes or individual rooms slowly, picking up interesting pieces at antique stores or flea markets. It is important to continuously look for inspiration in different places, because even something as simple as a lamp, vase, or piece of tile can inspire great ideas as to how to redesign a room.

Interior design and decorating does not have to cost a lot of money, and there are a number of ways to save. Old furniture and pillows can be recovered with fabric or slipcovers for an updated look, and a few cans of paint to cover the walls are typically very inexpensive. Thrift stores often have great finds, with furniture that can be refinished. One popular trend is large, removable wall decals; these can add a lot of interest to a room, even in an apartment where painting is not possible. Creativity goes a long way in interior design.



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