What is Instant Stain Remover?

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Instant stain remover works to eliminate new stains within a matter of minutes. This popular type of stain remover is ideal for any stain that has not had time to set completely. Many different companies now manufacture instant stain removers as a response to a large amount of consumer demand.

Stain removers that are meant to work instantly are also easily portable. While most people have a variety of stain removers at home, this is not the case when a person is on the go. Many years ago, staining a fabric meant waiting to remove that stain until the fabric could be washed in a washing machine. However, this is not the case today. Thanks to new technology, stains can be eradicated instantly.

The ingredients inside of these stain removers vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most instant stain removers contain some form of bleach. Thus, these detergents cannot be used on every type of fabric. Essentially, an instant stain remover contains detergent that has been transformed into a liquid that can be filtered through a sponge top.

Once the liquid has reached the tip of the sponge, it is absorbed by the sponge. The sponge is applied directly to any stained material allowing small amounts of detergent to penetrate the material. While these stain removers are useful, any material that has been cleaned by a portable stain remover should be washed thoroughly as soon as possible.


People who are allergic to regular laundry detergent may not be able to use an instant stain remover. In this case, various stain removers that do not include allergy inducing ingredients are available. Those consumers searching for an all-natural instant stain remover will also find that various companies manufacture stain removers that are made from natural ingredients.

There is no evidence that these stain removers are harmful to one's health in any way, though no kind of stain remover should be ingested. In addition, it is crucial to follow the ingredients that are listed on the side of an instant stain removal package. While these removers can be used in a number of instances, they can also be harmful if used incorrectly.

To find an instant stain remover that will work for you, begin your search on the Internet. You will find that various eco-friendly, natural, and commercial companies manufacture these portable stain removers. The type of remover that you select is largely up to you, though you may want to choose one that can be used on all types of materials. This way, you can remove any stain without worrying about ruining certain materials.



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