What is Hypnosis Regression?

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Hypnosis regression is a type of hypnotic induction that has two distinct categories: past life regression, in which memories of a patient's past life or lives are recalled, and age regression, in which a patient recalls significant or traumatic events from an earlier time in his or her lifetime. Both types of hypnosis regression are utilized to help a person overcome unresolved trauma and break through mental or emotional barriers. Past life regression is commonly performed for the purposes of spiritual investigation, while age regression is a more clinical hypnotism conducted in therapeutic settings.

A hypnotist can be a licensed professional, a therapist, or a psychic or spiritual medium, depending on which type of hypnosis regression a client is undergoing. The expert may work in a conversational style or from a hypnotism script, guiding the client into the terrain of the subconscious mind. Audio hypnosis may also be utilized for the purposes of past life or age regression, prompting the client through suggestions recorded on audio equipment. In this last scenario, a client may use the audio both independently or with the guidance of a professional.


With past life regression, a client will typically be asked a series of questions once they reach a state of relaxation and openness. These questions involve bridging the gap between the client's various incarnations to get to the root of an issue that needs to be addressed. This style of hypnosis regression seeks statements from the client about what he or she sees, hears, and feels during the hypnotic state. The answers will typically involve other eras and locations, and, with the guidance of the professional, will eventually pinpoint specific incidents that have stayed in the subconscious mind.

Age regression is conducted in much the same way, with a qualified specialist leading the client into a relaxed state before asking questions about what the client is experiencing. In this situation, a client will normally tap into events from his or her current life and may remember or relive traumatic experiences from the past. The scope of the regression hypnosis stays firmly rooted in the present life of the client in the hope of unearthing buried memories and identifying how these memories have created certain behaviors, feelings, or events in the here and now.

Hypnosis regression can help clients deal with a variety of issues. Everything from bad habits to long-buried suffering could be addressed by this approach. It could also serve as a form of sleep therapy, helping a client get rid of subconscious pain in order to achieve a healthier, more restful sleep.



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