What Is HTML Web Design?

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The use of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for creating Internet sites is typically referred to as HTML web design. Creating a website can be accomplished in a number of different ways, though it often involves the use of coding in HTML to create the various components of a webpage and ensure they are functioning properly. HTML web design usually begins with a web designer creating the code for each page of a website and making adjustments as needed to add content. Additional methods for website development can also be used, such as other forms of coding and the inclusion of widgets and cascading style sheets (CSS).

HTML web design relies upon a computer language that is fairly simple, and can provide a website designer with a number of tools and options. Most of the code created exists between pairs of angle brackets that indicate what type of instruction or code is within them. For example, the title for a website is usually located between two sets of angle brackets, called the start tag and end tag, with the words for the title between them. A slash is used in HTML web design to indicate the end tag for a particular command so the start tag might be while the end tag is .


With these simple types of commands, a web browser is able to use the source code for a website and display the page to a user. HTML web design typically relies upon hundreds of different combinations of tags and other instructions that can be placed between them. By using these tags, a web developer can add images and videos, audio, and just about anything else to a website quickly and easily. Different body paragraphs and headings can be added to a page through HTML web design, and the content of a website can be adjusted through the use of various text sizes, styles, and colors.

There are additional methods for creating websites that go beyond simple HTML web design, which are often used in addition to the code for a page. Cascading style sheets are one of the most common and powerful tools used by many webmasters and site developers. These are basically sets of code that can be used to quickly and easily customize a website and add a number of features to it. The use of CSS, widgets that can be added to webpages, and similar utilities in HTML web design have made the creation of unique and interesting websites easier than ever before.



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HTML Web Design is based on a programming language that is very simple, and can provide a website designer with a number of tools and options.

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