What is Home Interior Design?

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Home interior design is the designing of residential rather than commercial spaces. It can refer to the planning of the inside of new homes or the remodeling of existing ones. While interior design includes decorating such as painting and adding window coverings, it also encompasses the planning or designing of interiors rather than simply their decoration. Home interior design may include large projects that involve taking out a wall and reconstructing a room as well as smaller tasks such as reupholstering a sofa or buying new furniture.

Residential interior designers specialize in designing private homes. They understand building codes, electrical wiring issues, lighting concerns and furniture placement. A residential interior designer helps homeowners choose colors and materials to create a neatly designed home that functions as well as it looks. Home interior design is very personal because of its nature; homes are private living spaces that people relax in and live in.


A key part of home interior design is having a strong function or functions for each room. For instance, a formal dining room will be designed and decorated differently that an informal eating area in a kitchen. The kitchen area may require fewer seating spaces, plus the dining furniture will need to be more formal. A living area may be designed with more than one purpose, such as in a multi-functional basement space. This type of home interior design may include one section of the basement designed for watching television and another area created as a children's play space.

Home interior design can be executed in many different styles. Country, contemporary, traditional and tropical are just some of the many popular home decor themes or styles. The chosen style should best reflect personal tastes and interests. For example, if an individual loves and collects sea shells, creating a home design in tropical themes and colors could be one of the best options for him or her. Collections of shells could be incorporated into the design by showcasing them in a glass coffee table, book case or other areas of the home.

Taking the necessary time to plan a thoughtful home interior design can help prevent mistakes such as garish paint colors and too much or not enough furniture in rooms. Designing a home's interior is not something that should be attempted in a few days, yet heartfelt color and material choices, along with thoughtful planning for efficient functioning, can make the experience a success. Great interior design can be created on a budget as even flea market furniture can be used in home designs. Using the budget wisely by spending the bulk of the money on items that increase the home's value such as good kitchen cabinetry is an excellent strategy in home interior design.



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