What is Holistic Dentistry?

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Holistic dentistry is a type of natural healing or alternative dentistry that advocates the well-being of patients beyond traditional aspects. In holistic dental health, the concept and belief is to treat the patient on more than a physical level and to acknowledge the patient's emotional and spiritual outlook as well. Those who practice holistic dentistry believe that every element of the body can be directly related to the wellness of another aspect within. For example, if a problem exists within the teeth and gums, a holistic dentist might see an underlying cause coming from another location of the body.

In the field of holistic dentistry, the dentist will often educate the patient on ways to improve their lifestyle. The holistic doctor, or dentist, in this case, often believes that certain factors such as maintaining a properly balanced nutritional program could have a direct influence on the teeth and gums. Some holistic dentists might offer alternate solutions in dental care that involve all-natural vitamin supplements or herbal remedies. Specialists who practice in holistic dentistry are also known as homeopathic and biological dentists.


Holistic dentistry adheres to the rule of refraining from the use of toxic materials and chemicals, such as mercury. This is another aspect of how these dentists' approach is related to natural or holistic health. In place of mercury in fillings, holistic dentistry will often use what is believed to be a safe alternative. Many dentists will offer their patients a mercury removal procedure as well. The dentist might employ the use of oxygen while doing this procedure to ensure that no mercury vapor is inhaled by the patient.

Some holistic therapies of dentistry include procedures such as biofeedback techniques or acupuncture. In a biofeedback session, the patient will undergo a series of electro-analysis testing that helps him discover his stress factors. The holistic dentist will then read the result that shows up on the monitor and interpret it accordingly. After the evaluation, the dentist will contemplate an approach to treatment.

Holistic clinics that specialize in holistic dentistry typically will staff several trained dentists in the field. This is not as common as the dentist who practices individually, however. Training in holistic dentistry typically involves the same teachings a conventional dentist will receive with the inclusion of specialization in natural healing practices. Holistic education in the dental field can also involve courses to prepare for this specialized branch of dentistry.



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