What Is Gluten-Free Stuffing?

Gluten-free stuffing is a generally a bread-based dish that does not include gluten. Gluten is a type of protein found in certain grains, such as wheat, barley, rye, and spelt. It is also found as an additive in other foods that are not grain based. For gluten-free stuffing to be truly gluten free, it must not be made from ingredients that contain gluten in any form, including certain types of bread.

Stuffing is generally made by soaking bread cubes in broth and adding a variety of ingredients and spices. Most commercial breads found in the supermarket are made from grains containing gluten. Sometimes, gluten is used as a food additive for various reasons, such as a thickening agent. As a result, other ingredients that might be used in making stuffing, such as soup mixes, broth, or even sausage, might also contain gluten. It can consequently be a challenge to create a gluten-free stuffing using ingredients purchased from a grocery store.

Some supermarkets and many specialty stores, such as whole food markets, sell commercially prepared bread that is made without gluten. These breads are made from grain products that do not contain gluten, such as rice, corn, and potatoes. These special breads do not contain added gluten either. When making gluten-free, bread-based stuffing, therefore, many people choose these types of specialty breads. It is important, however, that anyone making a gluten-free stuffing also be mindful of the other ingredients used to ensure they do not have any added gluten in them.

As an alternative to making gluten-free stuffing using commercially prepared bread, many people choose to make their own gluten-free bread. There are quite a few recipes to be found in various cookbooks and on the Internet that demonstrate how to make a tasty loaf of bread that does not contain gluten. By making bread from scratch, if a person has an extreme gluten sensitivity, he or she can make certain that the bread used for the stuffing has no gluten in it at all.

As an additional note, not all stuffing needs to be bread based. A delicious, gluten-free stuffing can be made using substitutes for bread, such as rice, quinoa, or other such gluten-free products. Again, though, even when using a base other than bread, it is important for a person to carefully monitor other ingredients to make certain they do not have any added gluten.

Stuffing is not only a Thanksgiving staple but is enjoyed by many as a yummy side dish any time of year. If a person cannot have gluten for health reasons or otherwise, he or she might think that they must give up the tasty treat of stuffing. With a little extra effort and some imagination, though, even those who cannot eat products containing gluten can enjoy a delicious, gluten-free stuffing.


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