What Is Global Business Analysis?

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Global business analysis is aimed at local companies that wish to achieve an international presence. The aim of global business analysts is to assist these organizations by helping them take advantage of the opportunities afforded by globalization, which makes it easier for companies to carry out their business in other countries. Before a company takes the leap onto the international stage, it must necessarily obtain a comprehensive global business analysis to enable it to make the right decisions and mitigate any potential pitfalls.

During the process of global business analysis, the analysts will conduct an evaluation of the company, the types of goods or services it offers, and other types of analytical studies with the aim of discovering the feasibility of the business at an international level. If the company needs to be restructured before it can make a transition to international trade, the analysts will make a proposal to such a company based on the study results. For instance, some companies may not be financially ready to open branches or subsidiaries in other countries. The proposal may include suggestions of strategies that will enable the company to overcome such hurdles by taking advantage of the available resources in its environment.


Another way in which global business analysis helps a company is through the location of potential foreign partners who may prove to be an asset to the realization of the company’s goals. If the company has branches that are not performing well, the analysts may suggest a restructuring of the company to better position it to achieve its objectives. Global business analysts save companies precious time, and also save them from making mistakes that could cost a lot of money.

An example is a company that is a major producer of textiles and wishes to form a partnership with foreign partners in another country. A comprehensive global business analysis will research factors like local import and export duties, import quotas, banned items, local legislation, local customs and other items that may affect the company. If it turns out that textile materials are among the list of banned items, then the analysis would have saved the company from sending contraband goods. The analysts will also help the company establish a long-term plan for business longevity on the international stage. This is in consonance with strategies to enable the company to take advantage of various resources that will help expand its profile, increase its sales and maximize its profits.



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