What is Garden Decor?

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Garden decor is a type of decoration that is intended to be placed outside, such as in a garden, in the yard, or on the porch. Garden decor is meant to make the outside of a home more aesthetically appealing, and to complement other types of outdoor furnishings like lawn furniture. There are many different ways to use outdoor decorations to make your yard or garden more appealing.

Garden decor is intended to be sturdy and weather resistant to stand up to the elements. It is important to read any directions that come with garden furnishings, however, particularly lights or other electrical items, and take care to maintain them. Bring items in during the winter season to prevent them from becoming damaged by the weather.

Garden plaques are a common type of garden decor. These are often made of stone or plastic, and are either hung up on a wall or placed on the ground for decoration purposes. These plaques often say inspirational words such as "Faith" or "Hope," though others might be functional, and be used for labeling different plants, especially in an herb garden.

Small ceramic or stone statues are also popular choices for garden decor. Though garden gnomes are some of the most common, other statues such as those of animals, angels, or others are common as well. Many people have large collections of these garden statues in their gardens or yards. They also make great housewarming gifts.


Some types of garden decor are functional. Lights for the garden, for instance, can look beautiful at night, but also serve a practical purpose. Garden lights that resemble small paper lanterns are common, though they are available in many different shapes, even food shapes such as chili peppers. Some outdoor lights for the garden may plug into an outdoor outlet, but others are solar; these are generally attached to a small solar panel which allows the lights to charge during the day. These are eco-friendly and a good choice for those who do not have an outdoor outlet; solar ground lights also exist for placing along a path or patio as well.

Bird baths and bird feeders are other types of garden decor that serve an aesthetic as well as functional purpose. These examples are just a few of the many different types of outdoor decorations that can be purchased for the garden. Though many types of decorations can be found in home improvement stores, there are many more to be found online as well.



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