What is Foundation Grant Seeking?

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Searching for foundation grants involves a great deal of research. This has been made significantly simpler by many larger foundations now offering information about foundation grants on the Internet. In fact, one can find many Internet sites that list numerous foundations, as well as other grant sources that may help one find funds for a non profit group, or an individual. One may still need to search through the library to find other foundations that are not yet Internet-savvy.

When one is seeking foundation grants, an important consideration is how well the goals of the foundation match with whatever one wants to accomplish. It is a good idea to look at a foundation’s previous funding endeavors to get a sense as to whether sending a proposal to the foundation is likely to elicit a response.

Vast differences in political or social ideals can often account for foundation grants not being approved. For example, a Catholic foundation is not likely to support an effort to expand birth control service to a high school population. A foundation supporting the Democratic Party is not likely to fund the efforts to register Libertarian voters. Thus reading the goals of the foundation, studying its previous awards, and matching this to the reason one is attempting to raise money will give one a list of the best possible places to apply for foundation grants.


During the process of researching foundation grants, one should also bear in mind deadlines for specific grants. Some foundation grants may be a perfect match, but one may have missed the deadline. Some grants have an open-ended application policy, where applications to the foundation can be submitted any time of the year. Keeping consistent notes, or printing out possible foundations to which one should apply can help one keep track.

Sometimes, before one begins a nonprofit or some type of community effort it is wise to do some foundation grants seeking prior to incorporating a company. The question must be: can this effort be funded? When one is unlikely to obtain any funds for a project, then it may be best to reconsider the project and find a way to present differently.

Foundation grants also have very specific rules in terms of applications. One must realize that those who do not rigidly follow the appropriate application procedures will probably lose out on grant funding. Sometimes people will search out several possible sources and then ask a grantwriter to complete the application process.

If one is not a good writer and feels one cannot complete the grant application in the most appealing way possible, a grantwriter is a good choice. Grantwriters will usually work on a contingency basis, meaning they will receive a percentage of the foundation grants one receives.

An alternative to employing a grantwriter to search out and apply for foundation grants is to take advantage of grantwriting classes, grantwriting books, and sources on the Internet that can show one how to successfully apply for a grant. Also, if the cause for which one needs a grant involves several organizing people, look to those who have the strongest writing skills to become the grantwriter and learn the necessary skills for obtaining grants.

Lastly, foundation websites frequently have examples of successful grant applications available online, or per request. This is a fantastic way to get the feel for how to write a grant proposal, especially if one is already a good writer. Additionally it gives one information about the type of writing a particular foundation expects to see on a grant application.



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