What Is Feta Salsa?

Feta salsa is a type of dip made with feta cheese and a number of other ingredients. The cheese is a traditional Greek food, and dips made with feta may include foods that are traditionally found in Greek cuisine such as olives, tomatoes, and oregano. Alternatively, feta may be paired with flavorings and foods from Latin cuisine such as avocados, hot peppers or lime juice. Any combination of ingredients can be used in feta salsa, so long as the other ingredients complement the flavor of the feta.

The most important ingredient in feta salsa is feta cheese. This type of cheese has been made in Greece for thousands of years and can now be found all over the world. It can be made out of cow, goat, or sheep milk or any combination of the three. Feta is allowed to age until it is relatively dry, though still soft enough to be crumbled by hand. A large amount of salt is usually added to the cheese so that it will last longer without being refrigerated.

Any type of feta cheese can be used in a feta salsa. Cheeses made from cow or sheep milk will be milder while those made from goat milk will have a stronger flavor. Feta cheese may also come packed in olive oil or olive oil and herbs, and this oil may be reserved and used in a salsa. Before it is mixed with the other ingredients in the salsa, the cheese should be crumbled into small and medium-sized pieces.

One common type of feta salsa makes use of a number of ingredients commonly found in Greek food. The ingredients used may vary considerably, but are often mixed together in some olive oil and Greek oregano before the salsa is eaten on crackers, pita bread, or chips. Kalamata or another type of olive may be chopped or sliced for the salsa. Onions, especially red onions, may also be added to a feta salsa along with fresh or sun dried tomatoes .

The term salsa is often used to refer to a spicy dip made from tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers, and feta salsa can be a variation on this type of sauce. Avocado is frequently used in feta salsa because the creaminess of the fruit complements the saltiness of the feta. Garlic and tomatoes are also frequently used, and It is also possible to season this type of salsa with Greek herbs or Latin spices.


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