What is Fescue Grass Seed?

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Fescue grass seed is a type of green grass seed used to grow fescue grass. The grass is a common cool season grass that is characterized by flat, wide leaves. Fescue grass seeds are cultivated in parts of Europe and North America, and may be used as ground cover for fields, pastures, and even lawns. It is also possible to harvest grass grown from this type of grass seeds for use as hay.

Fescue grass seeds will take root and grow best in climates where the soil is moderately cool and the surface temperature is a comfortable medium between hot and cold. In general, the seeds require consistent sunlight in order to grow full and provide a smooth carpet of ground cover. Many areas of the world tend to plant grass seed of this type during the spring months, allowing the fescue grass to take firm root before the heat of summer arrives.

During the summer months, fescue grass seed will require additional watering in order to continue sprouting and developing the underlying root system. Fescue grass seeds tend to do well in many lawns because the resulting grass does have a high tolerance to shade. This means that the seeds can produce a beautiful lawn even in areas where other types of grass seeds fail to take root and grow.


In general, fescue can also tolerate dry weather conditions for a reasonable period of time. However, even the hardy fescue grass seed may require watering during the heat of summer and especially during a drought. Should the area experience a prolonged period with no rain, the use of sprinklers is imperative in order to retain the lush look of a lawn planted with fescue grass seed.

In the United States, fescue grass seed is often planted in the states located in the middle and northern areas of the country located east of the Mississippi River. In the southern areas, planting grass seed of this type becomes less common, especially in areas where summer is distinguished by high humidity readings as well as hot temperatures. Some portions of the American Midwest also are ideal for the planting of fescue grass seed, although other grasses tend to be favored in areas closer to the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific coastline.

Purchasing fescue grass seeds is not difficult. In addition to buying bags of the seeds at farmer cooperatives and home and garden stores, it is also possible to order bags of the seeds via mail and online ordering. While the seeds can be purchased any time of the year, they tend to be more readily available during the spring and autumn months.



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