What is Emotional Healing?

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Emotional healing refers to the process of addressing upsetting emotions for the purpose of relieving anxiety or depression, improving communication skills, or improving behavior in interpersonal relationships, among others. There are many ways to attempt to achieve emotional healing. Some people find that discussing issues with a trained therapist can be helpful; others join support groups for specific issues, become more involved in a religious environment, or simply talk to friends. Some people find that expressing themselves can also be helpful, such as writing, creating art or music, or dancing.

For many people, finding emotional healing can take time, and the route taken depends on the reasons for the emotional trauma in the first place. If the damage was caused by a traumatic event in one's life, such as an unexpected death, end of a relationship, loss of a job, or other personal trauma, it might be necessary to talk to a therapist in order to fully resolve the problem. The therapist will be able to give suggestions for dealing with the trauma and provide strategies for healing; often, therapy is not needed for a particularly long time, but it can make a big difference in really addressing and dealing with upsetting emotions.


Others find emotional healing from other sources of help. Support groups for dealing with particular issues in life can be very helpful for many people, for example, because it allows them to express emotions freely and without judgment. This is an important step toward emotional healing. Others find comfort in pursuing whatever religion they believe in, or becoming involved in doing volunteer work and helping others. Some people are able to simply rely on their friends and talk through their problems in order to find the support and healing that they are looking for, but not everyone has this opportunity.

Finding a personal and private creative outlet is still another option for achieving emotional healing. Not everyone needs to express themselves verbally; in fact, some people find that it is easier to express emotions nonverbally. This can take the form of creative writing or writing in a journal, creating pieces of art, making music or learning to play a musical instrument, or even dancing. Others find that directing their emotions into exercise helps to overcome them, as long as it does not become an obsession. There are many healthy ways to express emotions and overcome emotional problems, and it is important for each individual to find what works best for him or her.



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