What is Dry Skin Cleanser?

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Dry skin cleanser is a cleansing product designed specifically for people with dry skin. People with this skin type have special skincare needs. This is because dry skin can peel, flake, and become irritated if it's not properly cleansed and moisturized. If the skin stays too dry for too long, a person may be more prone to fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Many skin cleansers are labeled for a specific type of skin. For example, a skin cleanser may be labeled for dry, oily, combination, or problem skin. Some dry skin cleansers may be more effective than others, however, so consumers should compare ingredients and maybe even sample a few different products to determine which dry skin cleanser will work best for them.

It's important for people with dry skin to use cleansers without drying ingredients, as these can make the state of the skin even worse. For example, cleansers that contain alcohol are best avoided, and the same goes for astringents designed for use after cleansing. It may also help to select a dry skin cleanser that doesn't have a lot of fragrance added to it. Sometimes added fragrances can be harsh and irritating to the skin, and some are potentially toxic.

Cream-based cleaners are often a good fit for those with dry skin. They may help to lock moisture in and soften the skin. Bar soaps tend to be less helpful for dealing with dry skin, as they tend to make the skin drier. Using trial and error, however, consumers may find some bar soap brands that don't further dry the skin.

Choosing an oily cleanser may seem to be a smart option, but it may backfire. Oily cleansers may actually clog the pores and irritate the skin. They may also contribute to acne, which can plague even those with the driest of skin types. Additionally, they may leave an uncomfortable film on the skin.

While many people use their dry skin cleanser along with water, others find avoiding water works best for them. For example, a woman may apply cold cream to her face to cleanse it, simply wiping it off rather than rinsing it off with water. Others may follow cold cream and similar products by splashing just a little water on their faces. Furthermore, there are some people who find washing with just water, and no cleanser, the most gentle on the skin.


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Some dermatologists recommend face washing before bedtime to remove all the dirt and oils accumulated during the day.

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