What Is Dead Sea Shampoo?

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Dead Sea shampoo is a hair care product that contains minerals obtained from the Dead Sea in Israel. These specialized formulas are designed to treat certain types of scalp irritations which can cause pain and minor swelling beneath the hair. They are available for purchase from specialty beauty supply shops or through Internet ordering.

These minerals contain a unique blend of ingredients, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, that work together to replenish moisture and maintain health in different parts of the body. They actively attract and hold water molecules, helping skin and hair retain moisture that is naturally lost by the body over time as an individual ages. They also help to combat free radicals in the environment, and damage that can occur from exposure to outdoor pollutants and weathering elements.

These minerals, when applied to the skin, can help balance the water sharing process that should naturally occur between skin cells. Some forms of skin irritation, such as psoriasis, are caused by extreme dryness in the outer layers of skin. Patches of damaged skin, which are not regulating new cell reproduction or water sharing between layers of cells correctly, become dry, red, swollen, and may even begin to flake off. Over time, the use of a Dead Sea shampoo can help relieve some of these scalp conditions.

Each Dead Sea shampoo contains its own unique blend and percentage of minerals to other ingredients. Consumers can benefit by reading product packaging to determine what amount of the total hair care product actually contains genuine mud and water extracts from the Dead Sea. Some formulas also contain pure black mud, which has been taken from the bottom sediment of the Dead Sea where the minerals are often most concentrated. These mud infused blends are typically only recommended for those with moderate to severe scalp irritations, and should not be used by individuals with normal scalp and hair conditions on a daily basis.

Moderate blends are appropriate for daily use on normal hair and for those without psoriasis or other scalp irritations. These more neutral formulas of Dead Sea shampoo usually do not contain black mud, and are creamy in their base form. They help hydrate hair that has been damaged by excessive exposure to heating products, and can provide protection against weathering and drying elements. Individuals with occasional dry scalp and dandruff can benefit from incorporating a black mud soak treatment once weekly or monthly as needed in addition to daily use of the moderate shampoo blend of minerals.


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