What is Creative Wellness?

Creative wellness is not a term that is often used, but it refers to a process of creative mental health therapy. Generally, creative wellness will feature a combination of talk therapy as well as creative therapy. Patients may express themselves through music, art, or any form of creative expression they desire, such as writing or journalling. Sometimes, this term may also refer to holistic health centers that offer education for people in nutrition, exercise, and health, for example.

In general, the term, creative wellness, is a general term used to refer to different methods of healing that go beyond traditional medical practices. Expressive or creative mental health therapies are the most common branch of this type of wellness practice. Creative wellness therapy may be used with children and adults; it is commonly used with people who are suffering from a mental illness or are recovering from a traumatic event, both of which can make it difficult to express oneself through speaking. It is especially common with children, however, particularly because it is more natural for a child to express himself or herself through drawing or making music.


The type of creative therapy that one receives is largely based on the therapist, as well as the desires of the patient. Art therapy and music therapy are two of the most common; in this practice, the patient and the therapist will generally work together to produce art and music to explore a deeper range of emotions. Dance therapy and drama therapy, such as acting, may also be used. A number of therapists encourage their clients to keep journals throughout their treatment as a method of personal therapy, but this can also be viewed as a form of creative expression. The creative process is only one part of the therapy; in nearly all cases, talk therapy is used as well.

This type of therapy is not always just used for people with mental illnesses; it is also common in nursing homes or hospitals to help improve communication and to boost mood. Studies have shown that people enjoy being creative and expressing themselves in a different way, particularly during a difficult time in life. Creative wellness may also refer to alternative modes of treatment for illnesses; for example, massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional services, exercise, yoga, meditation, or a number of other alternative treatments may all be different methods of treating illnesses beyond the use of medication.



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