What Is Couponing?

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Couponing is the use of coupons to purchase various goods or services at a reduced rate. This typically goes beyond the casual use of coupons, however, and instead refers to a systematized and steady use of such coupons to save money on a regular basis. Effective use of coupons often involves finding coupons available in newspaper advertisements and magazines, using manufacturer’s coupons available on products, and finding and taking advantage of coupons available on the Internet for print and use. Couponing is often used for retail purchases, though some services may also offer coupons as incentives for new customers or repeat business.

When done effectively, couponing can be used to save a great deal of money each week. Coupons are essentially rebates offered by manufacturers and businesses that can be used at the time of purchase for a product or a service. A manufacturer’s coupon is issued by the manufacturer of a product and can be used by someone purchasing that product, saving money at the time of purchase that is repaid to the retailer by the manufacturer. Some stores may also issue coupons that can be used only at that specific store, and effective couponing typically combines both types of coupons.


Many coupons can be found online and may be printed from the Internet and then used at stores for purchases. Some companies that provide services, rather than products, may also offer coupons that can be used by those interested in couponing. Effective couponing utilizes numerous types of coupons, and combines coupons with other deals that may be offered by a store. Some stores also offer “double coupon” opportunities, in which the store doubles the value of a coupon.

While using coupons can be an effective method for saving money, it can also be taken to an unhealthy extreme, like many other activities. Some people engage in “extreme couponing,” in which they devote a potentially unhealthy amount of time and energy into couponing. This is often a manifestation of obsessive and compulsive behavior, in which the act of finding and using coupons is taken to an extreme by someone who may spend dozens of hours each week looking for coupons. Such activity can have a negative impact on a person’s professional or social life, and may be compounded with hoarding behavior, as unneeded products are purchased merely to use a coupon.



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