What is Considered a Normal Heart Rate for Men?

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Generally, the normal resting heart rate for men is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Some medical experts narrow that range to between 60 and 80 beats per minute. Numerous factors can affect a man’s heart rate, and this might be one reason the range for a healthy heart rate for men is broad and can vary. Based on these factors, a man’s doctor can determine whether his heart rate falls on the healthy or unhealthy end of the scale. If necessary, the two can then develop a plan to bring the man’s heart rate back to a healthy pace.

To get his normal heart rate, a man can place two fingers, typically his index finger and middle finger, on a major artery location. Most people choose the neck because it is an easy location to reach, though the wrist, groin, and temple are options, as are the back of the knee and the inside of the foot. Once he finds his heartbeat, the man can count the number of beats he feels in a particular time frame and then multiply that amount to equal 60 seconds. For example, if the man counts 20 beats in a 15-second interval, he would multiply 15 by four to get 60 seconds. By this equation, his resting heart rate would be 80 beats per minute.


Multiple factors help determine a man’s heart rate, which could be why the range for the normal heart rate for men is so broad. Such factors include age, physical fitness, mental and emotional health, weight, diet, and body size. Other factors include medication, illness, and even room temperature. Some of these factors can drastically increase or decrease the resting heart rate for men. For example, athletes who are in peak physical condition can have heart rates as low as 40 beats per minute.

Generally, a man’s doctor will check his heart rate during regular visits. Any man who checks his own pulse and determines it is much lower or much higher than the normal resting heart rate for men should discuss the situation with his doctor as soon as possible. An elevated heart rate in men could mean that a change in diet and exercise habits is necessary, or it could signal more serious and urgent matters such as illness and disease. A doctor’s course of action will be based on how elevated the man’s heart rate is and the cause of the elevation. For example, the doctor might make suggestions for dietary changes and implementing exercise routines, or he might prescribe the man a medication.



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