What is Computer-Based Training?

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Computer-based training is job training that takes place entirely on a computer terminal, completely virtually. This type of training can be a great way for companies to save money when training new employees, as well as to avoid potentially costly mistakes or injuries. Employees can take computer-based training, and get a clear idea of the expectations of the job before even starting, and can receive important information that may be required by law in the state in which he or she is working.

Within computer-based training, employees can watch videos, answer questions, and experience simulated situations to learn how to handle certain circumstances at work. Most computer-based training courses require the employee to successfully answer a number of questions at the end of the class in order to demonstrate a sufficient amount of knowledge. If the questions are not answered correctly, he or she may need to take the course again until understanding has been reached.

Computer-based training courses exist for everything from driving a forklift to interacting with customers and running a cash register. These classes are relatively inexpensive to create, and then no other employee needs to take time out of his or her schedule to train someone else. In addition to training classes for new hires, many companies also use this type of training to keep employees abreast of new developments within the business.


An employee may need to take a certain number of computer-based training classes per year. Classes on sexual harassment and appropriate behavior in the workplace are especially common, and in many areas are required by law for each employee. Yearly courses on safety are also frequently required, such as dealing with hazardous chemicals, using machinery properly, or wearing proper attire while at work.

Each computer-based training class may consist of video, audio, text, and images, to keep people interested and engaged in the class. An employee typically must sign on with a username and password to ensure that he or she is the one actually receiving the training. In some cases, an employee will receive an actual certification after completing a training course; this certification may be applicable in the job that he or she holds now, but it may also be beneficial for jobs in the future. As technology continues to advance, computer-based training classes will likely continue to become more and more common, and a great option for many businesses looking to save time and money.



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