What Is Colloidal Silver Water?

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Silver has long been recognized as having medicinal value as an antiseptic and disinfectant. In conventional medicine, uses for silver include impregnation of the metal into wound dressings and as a coating on bacteria-prone equipment such as catheters. Silver in these cases is thought to provide a measure of protection against drug-resistant bacteria. Colloidal silver water is an alternative therapy based on this idea, consisting of microparticles of silver suspended in water and taken orally as a supplement.

Health benefit claims of colloidal silver water are numerous. The water is thought to inhibit the action of bacteria and viruses and so may be useful in the treatment of tuberculosis, AIDS/HIV, and herpes. It is also considered to be excellent for respiratory health, helping conditions such as asthma and emphysema. Supplements may also reduce the amount of gastric acid produced, thus preventing heartburn and acid reflux.

Colloidal silver water may enhance the immune system and increase overall energy reserves. It may also have beneficial effects on the skin, helping it to heal and reducing acne. Ear infections, sinus problems, and allergies are all thought to be treatable with silver water, as are eye infections, diabetes, and even cancer.


The supplement is thought to work by disabling enzymes in the body that are required by viruses and bacteria to live and reproduce. These enzymes are used by the invaders to metabolize oxygen, and as a result of the colloidal silver water, they suffocate. The water does not damage enzymes that are required by the body itself.

Although small amounts of silver are not harmful to the body, chronic ingestion of the metal can have significant side effects. One of the major side effects can be argyria, an excess of silver in the body that causes the fingernails, teeth, and whites of the eyes to obtain a blue-gray hyperpigmentation. Other side effects include neurological problems such as depression and anxiety, fatigue, and headaches. In severe cases, organ damage and atherosclerosis can occur.

Toxic levels of silver vary between individuals. There is thought to be minimal risk if the water is used according to directions. Colloidal silver water can interact with other medications, however, interfering with their absorption and metabolism.

The supplements can be purchased over the counter at health food stores and pharmacies and can even be made at home. As the product is not approved by the FDA, manufacturing is not regulated in the United States. The silver in the water subsequently varies in concentration, from approximately 15 to 25 percent. As the health benefits from taking it have not been proved, manufacturers cannot make associated claims on the packaging.



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Post 3

What color should colloidal silver water be? I heard it should be an amber color but mine is clear.

Post 2

Argyria is a risk with colloidal silver water, but if the supplement is used correctly, I don't think most people will ever face this issue.

Colloidal silver should not be used in very high potency and for very long periods of time. I personally only take colloidal silver water when I'm sick. I don't take it to prevent illness. It works great this way and there is no worry about side effects.

Post 1

I use colloidal silver water topically as an antiseptic. It works great on wounds and minor burns and scrapes. I've noticed that injuries heal faster when I use colloidal silver water on them. Sometimes I also use it as a spot treatment on pimples.

My sister uses colloidal silver water as well. She takes it internally mostly. I've also seen her use it as a disinfectant in winter to avoid getting the flu. She puts some in a clean mist bottle and she applies it on her face and hands after using public transportation. She says it helps prevent flu this way.

I have never taken colloidal silver water internally. I know that many people do but I feel that this may be unsafe. I don't think that my body will absorb a lot of silver when I use colloidal silver topically. I've heard that when it's ingested regularly, it can accumulate inside organs. That sounds scary.

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