What Is Cinnamon French Toast?

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There are a few different ways to make cinnamon French toast. The first is to simply make the French toast mixture to dip the bread in. This is generally made with eggs, milk, and vanilla, and then just add cinnamon to it. The other way is to use cinnamon bread, which can give the cinnamon French toast even more of the distinctive flavor. Though this meal is often eaten for breakfast, many people enjoy making breakfast for dinner as well, and serving a hearty meal with side like bacon and eggs.

The best way to make cinnamon French toast is generally with a thicker, heavier bread that will not fall apart once it is dipped in the egg mixture. There are different ways to make this mixture, and many different recipes to be found in books or online, but milk and eggs are the most common ingredients. A little bit of vanilla may be added for seasoning. This may be enough for plain French toast, but for cinnamon French toast it will be necessary to add cinnamon directly to the mixture. Some people will also sprinkle a little bit extra directly on the French toast while it is cooking.

Using bread that contains cinnamon cooked into it is another way to prepare cinnamon French toast. The swirls of cinnamon baked right in the bread tend to make the taste even more prominent. A little bit of nutmeg added as well can give the French toast taste some extra zing. Recipes can provide the exact measurements for these items, but one of the benefits of French toast is that it is usually pretty forgiving, and can be a great meal to encourage kids to help with.

Once each side of the cinnamon French toast has been dipped in the egg mixture, it is then fried in a skillet for a few minutes on each side, until it is golden brown. It is then ready to eat. It is important to take care not to really soak the bread in the egg mixture, just to dip it quickly; soaking it for too long can saturate the bread, causing it to remain soggy after it is cooked. Cinnamon French toast is generally served with maple syrup, though other flavors of syrup can be delicious as well.


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