What Is Casualty Auto Insurance?

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Casualty auto insurance is a type of insurance coverage that focuses on any damages to property or individuals that is caused by a vehicle covered under the terms of the policy. In addition to providing compensation for the damages, this type of insurance can also provide assistance with any legal costs associated with the occurrence of those damages, such as any suit that is filed against the operator of the vehicle. Typically, casualty auto insurance is included in most car insurance policies as one of the several benefits provided.

The nature of the casualty auto insurance will usually encompass several different areas. One has to do with bodily injury that occurs as the result of the operation of the covered vehicle. In this scenario, the coverage will provide compensation to manage costs associated with any medical expenses that occur due to the need for treatment; loss of income while the injured party is out of work; and, in some jurisdictions, some sort of benefits for pain and suffering that result from the accident.


Casualty auto insurance also includes provisions to assist with expenses related to property damage caused by the insured vehicle. Here, the focus is usually on covering the cost of repairs to other automobiles involved in the accident, any structures such as houses, buildings or even fences that are damaged as the result of the event, or even damage to the landscape of a piece or real estate that is caused by the insured vehicle. In many areas, this means that even if the vehicle in question ran off the road and damaged several trees or shrubs on a piece of private property, the casualty auto insurance would help to pay for the replacement of those trees and shrubs.

The structure of casualty auto insurance with the policy terms often identifies a maximum amount of damages per person injured in the event, as well as a maximum amount of benefits that may be paid out for each event involved. Some policies will also include a limit on the total amount of bodily injury coverage that is provided no matter how many individuals are involved in the accident. This means that if the accident involved injuries to three people, two could receive benefits up to the maximum amount while the third may not. Any other damages sustained to automobiles or property would also be covered up to the maximum amount stated in the terms of the policy.



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