What Is Butternut Squash Lasagna?

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Butternut squash lasagna is a particular kind of lasagna that uses the rich orange-yellow insides of the butternut squash in place of other forms of protein. Classic lasagna, which is a traditional Italian dish, combines ground beef or similar ingredients with specific long, ribbon edged noodles. Butternut squash lasagna is one of many potentially vegetarian alternatives to classic meat lasagna.

In butternut squash lasagna recipes, the fundamental combination of ingredients involves the interior or “meat” of the squash, along with the wide flat lasagna noodles and ricotta cheese. Cooks might sometimes replace the ricotta with other kinds of cheese that are more complementary to the squash. The squash component is often baked before being added to the mix, and is typically mashed or pureed to make it easier to work with. In other recipes, it may be baked along with the other elements in thin slices.

Like other kinds of classic lasagna, the methodology for making butternut squash lasagna involves the layering of ingredients. Cooks will add the squash, noodles and other ingredients in thin layers into a broad cooking dish that may be glass, ceramic, or made of other materials. This recipe often calls for baking the lasagna for a significant amount of time. Cooks may cover the dish, then uncover it for the last few minutes in order to brown a top layer of cheese.


In addition to the most common elements of this dish, butternut squash lasagna can include other vegetables. Some recipes include greens like spinach, kale, or broccoli, as well as green herbs like basil, oregano, or thyme. Some classic Italian elements like parsley or Parmesan cheese may also be added. In some other recipes that provide unique tastes, other herbs and spices are substituted. For example, one kind of autumn dish that is popular with some cooks is a butternut squash and sage combination, where the sage herb gives the dish a particularly heavy, savory taste.

Some secondary ingredients of this dish may be added for texture or peripheral flavor. Some cooks use chicken or beef stock. Others might include butter in this dish. Heavy cream or eggs may be part of a butternut squash lasagna recipe. The common result for many of these recipes is a rich, heavy dish that goes well with a light salad or other lighter fare.



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