What Is Business Sector Analysis?

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Business sector analysis is the evaluation of individual segments of the market. Analysts review activity in a specific sector to gather information about current market conditions and make projections about future market movements. This work often supports investment research, although an analysis can also be commissioned by a government agency or private entity with an interest. Some reports may be available to members of the public, while others are limited in nature.

In a business sector analysis, information is collected about activities within a given market segment. This can include compiling the names of the largest and most active companies in that area of the market, and evaluating their performance. The analyst might also consider issues like regulations that impact that sector, consumer expectations, and political events that might have an impact on supply and demand. Analysis needs to generate a detailed and accurate view of a market sector's current conditions.

As analysts prepare their reports, they can discuss whether a business sector is strong or weak, and what contributes to movement within that sector. They may highlight particularly notable aspects of the report, such as a company that performs above or below average in comparison to others in the same sector. The development of a business sector analysis can also require the creation of projections. These provide estimates about future market movements and activities, on the basis of available information.


Financial publications may prepare and publish an occasional business sector analysis for the benefit of readers. Many maintain archives people can use for research. They may carefully review information before publication and sometimes provide point-counterpoint articles to allow their readers to learn about multiple approaches to the same investment topics. This information is offered on an as-is basis and such publications do not accept legal liability for decisions made on the basis of their analysis and discussion of the market.

Some investors perform their own business sector analysis, while others may contract it out to an analyst. They use this information to make investment decisions which may include moving investments, expanding activity in a given area of the market, or establishing a long-term plan. Government agencies and other entities also make use of such research to make policy and investment choices. These entities may consider issues like how decline in a sector could contribute to political instability or threaten national security; for example, if a country has no domestic sources of key products, this could be a problem.



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