What Is Business Process Intelligence?

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Business process intelligence (BPI), also know as operational intelligence, is a real-time method of observing, analyzing, and troubleshooting specific and general activities in an organization. This is typically accomplished via electronic tracking on the company computer system. It provides raw data that is usually used to improve and promote the company. The information collected can help an organization with issues such as increasing productivity, preventing network intrusions, and improving the bottom line.

With constant electronic vigilance, business process intelligence can detect threats to a computer network in the early stages. This kind of vigilance can also help to completely thwart intrusions. By observing and impeding these intrusions in the early stages, an organization can learn how to better protect the system by dissecting attacks as they come in. It can also keep the company apprised of new types of threats so that employees can be warned.

Business process intelligence is also a way to measure employee and system efficiency. By monitoring regular activity such as order fulfillment and customer calls, it is often possible to evaluate customer satisfaction in addition to employee performance. The data can either be used to solve immediate problems or be collected for reports that may be used to address larger process problems.


An organization may also use business process intelligence to track sales in real time. The continuous process of determining which products or services are the least and most popular can help companies to consistently and quickly make well-informed decisions on inventory, staffing, and future product development. These figures can also be used to make comparisons with competitors and plan marketing strategy.

Business process intelligence can help an organization to find weaknesses in the company structure or perform risk management as well. Acting on information gathered in these areas can provide an organization with ways to save money by improving productivity, customer service, and the quality of the product or service offered. It can also be a useful tool for determining what roadblocks are preventing success in specific areas and for the overall organization.

In addition to internal improvements, business process intelligence can be used to attract investors, partners and high-level employees. By generating reports that demonstrate its capabilities an organization can provide a current, accurate picture of what it has to offer. BPI can also help to educate an outside party on the inner workings of the organization.



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