What is Business Continuity Training?

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Business continuity training prepares businesses for continuing operations during a disaster, technology malfunction, or other circumstances that can disrupt business as usual. Business owners, executives, and employees can all receive business continuity training so that they are aware of the necessary process for getting operations back on track. While many businesses may develop their own training programs for rank-and-file employees, such businesses might also seek outside training and certification for key executives and managers. Several organizations provide this training and have established their own business continuity training certification programs.

Maintaining business operations during a time of crisis is crucial if a company is to survive and its employees are to start getting paid. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning helps companies and their employees understand how they should respond if business is disrupted. For example, the IT department of a company should plan for backup of its computer data, while executives and key employees should prepare to be sent to locations where they can continue business operations. All employees should have a plan for getting in touch with the company in case of a problem so that they can receive instructions as to how they should continue working their jobs.


Responsibility for business continuity training within a business depends on the size of the organization and the roles already in place within the company. In very large organizations, the company's chief security officer (CSO) and his staff may direct business continuity training efforts. In other cases, a company's legal counsel may take the lead. In all cases, it is essential that the entire company and all its departments be included in the continuity plan. As business continuity plans may require a way of thinking that is unfamiliar to many business executives and employees, some companies may wish to seek training and advice from outside consultants.

Some organizations offer business continuity seminars that offer short-term training to companies interested in business continuity issues. Other options include designating one or more employees as business continuity specialists within an organization. In such cases, these employees may enroll in training classes so that they can receive professional certification from recognized training sources. Types of certification vary and may alternately be known as business continuity certification or even business resilience certification. After completing training and being certified, these employees work within the organization to develop a plan and train others in the company's processes.



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