What Is Broccoli Quiche?

Broccoli quiche is a type of non-dessert pie made primarily with broccoli, cheese, and eggs. Depending on the version, other vegetables and seasonings may be present. Broccoli quiche is usually vegetarian friendly, but since eggs are necessary to hold the pie together, the dish is normally not vegan friendly.

Both broccoli and eggs are essential to broccoli quiche. The vegetables may be frozen or fresh, but if frozen, they are thawed before use. The eggs are lightly beaten before being included. Milk is also usually added to this dish, as well as cheese. Shredded or grated cheddar cheese is typical, but another type can be used, such as mozzarella.

Seasonings for broccoli quiche normally include salt and black pepper, though spicier versions may substitute cayenne pepper. Butter or margarine is also normally used. Garlic and onions are often added as well, and some versions will include sliced fresh mushrooms. Occasionally, flour might be added, and chopped bacon can also be included.

The pie crust or shell is the final element in broccoli quiche. Crusts can be store bought or homemade, but frozen crusts should always be thawed before use. Since this quiche is not a sweet dessert, crusts should not be sweetened with sugar. Occasionally, a version will briefly cook the crust before adding any of the filling. Usually, however, the crust remains uncooked until it is filled with the broccoli mixture.

To make a broccoli quiche, the onions, garlic, and broccoli are cooked in melted butter. Then, they are transferred to the raw pie crust. The cheese may be layered on top of the vegetable mixture or combined with the other ingredients. The remaining ingredients are mixed together and poured over the vegetables.

Other versions, particularly those that do not use onions or garlic, will forgo cooking the broccoli before it is placed in the pie shell. Instead, the milk is warmed, then combined with the beaten eggs. The cheese, vegetables, and seasonings are added to the eggs and milk, and the entire mixture is poured into the waiting crust. The quiche can then be baked.

Broccoli quiche usually bakes for approximately half an hour. Cooked quiche will appear slightly browned. Doneness can be checked by inserting a clean knife into the center of the pie. If the knife is clean when removed, the dish is cooked through. Once complete, the quiche can be served after briefly cooling, or it can be refrigerated for later use.


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