What Is BPO Marketing?

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Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a common method used by companies to save money by moving some operations to a third-party vendor. BPO marketing uses the common methods of outsourcing and applies them to a business’s marketing department. This allows a company to focus on other areas, such as research, development and manufacturing, while leaving the marketing to specialists. While this often means the marketers are less familiar with the product, the skill and knowledge of the BPO market firm more than makes up for it.

Outsourcing is a common practice in most businesses. In nearly every case, a business will find it is less expensive to have a company that specializes in a certain area perform tasks. These may range from answering phones to building certain parts of a finished product.

In addition to being cheaper, outsourcing often amounts to a better product in the long run. In many cases, BPO contracts go to companies that specialize in certain business practices to the exclusion of all others. This means their products and services benefit from experience and equipment that the original company doesn’t have.

BPO marketing is a specialized type of BPO that focuses solely on the advertising and marketing branches of the business. In this case, the original company makes a product or sells a service, but it relies on the third-party marketing company to get the word out. This is a fantastic deal for the original company for a number of reasons.


The main reason a BPO marketing setup is good for a parent company is money-based. The original company doesn’t need to support a marketing department, take care of advertising decisions or determine the best advertising vectors for its product. This cuts down on personnel costs as well as the potential cost of a poorly-made advertising campaign.

Companies also pay the BPO marketing company only when they actually need too. Unlike a standard marketing department, the company doesn’t need to maintain salaries, workspace or other constant drains that internal departments create. With a BPO system, the original company tells the marketer what it needs and only pays for what it gets.

The last main advantage of a BPO marketing company goes back to specialization and expertise. Since this company only performs marketing for other companies, it will generally have access to information beyond the producing company. The BPO with have lists of specific people that are useful for direct advertising, contacts in a wide range of advertising vectors and direct sources for specialized ad-based goods.



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