What is BodyTalk?

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BodyTalk is a system of healthcare based on the principle that lines of communication between cells and systems within a biological organism can become imbalanced and need to be reset. BodyTalk accomplishes this through resynchronizing the body and all its parts into an efficient, cohesive unit.

BodyTalk notes the communication sequences that are responsible for body systems working together are forms of chemical reactions. There are things that can delay those chemical reactions and BodyTalk seeks to improve those processes so that delays do not happen.

A BodyTalk practitioner uses a muscle-testing technique to find potential problematic areas. Once the problem area is discovered, the corresponding "points" are tapped, followed by light taps on the head. The theory is that tapping the brain prompts it to re-evaluate the body’s health, including that of the deficient system.

Once that is completed, the sternum is tapped. This sends a message to the heart that things within the body are back in balance. Once this happens, the heart then sends electrical impulses to the rest of the body to signify the problem has been taken care of.

Most of the time the BodyTalk system is done by a licensed massage therapist (LMT). However, there are courses for those who are not professional therapists or healthcare providers. The BodyTalk company notes that it can even be used by parents in the place of some forms of first aid.


The founder of BodyTalk is Dr. John Veltheim, who notes there are a number of benefits the system provides. Among those are: a healthier immune system, better overall health of the family and increased healing times.

Currently, there are more than 70 certified BodyTalk instructors worldwide, teaching a curriculum that was developed by Veltheim between 1997 and 2001. To be certified, an instructor must go through the first two training modules. This is called the core curriculum. Those interested in the more advanced modules will find fewer options. Only a dozen instructors worldwide are certified to teach the more advanced portions of the system.

BodyTalk is known for its versatility. In addition to general health problems, it has been used very successfully in the area of sports medicine and even animal health, according to the company's Web site.



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