What is Body Cleansing?

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Body cleansing refers to a process of purging a body of toxins. It is practiced commonly in alternative medicine as a means of remaining healthy and becoming free from illness. It is generally considered distinct, but related to, other forms of cleansing, such as colonic irrigation.

Unlike certain forms of cleansing — such as an irrigation in which fluids are flushed through the colon to purge it of blockages and toxins — body cleansing generally involves undergoing a specific eating regimen to cleanse the body of the toxins and impurities that build up. The premise is generally based on the principle that certain foods commonly consumed, such as foods high in sugar or foods with artificial preservatives, do not fully move through the body property and as such may clog the digestive system and contribute to ill health.

There are a number of different cleansing regimens and diets available on the market. Some individuals simply fast for a period of time, refraining from eating in the belief that doing so will give their digestive tracks the time and ability to move foods out of the body. The fast may last anywhere from one day to several days. Others will eat a special diet of fruit or vegetables or one of many other different detox diets. Some companies will even sell special products, such as shakes and detox diets.


Body cleansing is generally considered to be a pseudoscience by many in the established medical community. There lacks sufficient scientific proof that such cleansing programs and diets have any substantial results in curing a body of disease or in causing a person to be healthier. Because there is little health risk, however, to eating a special diet for a few days, many who are facing illnesses may experiment with these body cleansing procedures or with other types of food science. Those considering a cleanse must be cautious, however, to ensure they receive adequate and sufficient nutrition. This is especially important for those suffering from diabetes, low blood sugar or other illnesses that could be adversely affected by altering one's eating habits for the purpose of cleansing the body.



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