What Is Banana Cheesecake?

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Banana cheesecake is a rich dessert flavored with fresh bananas or some form of banana extract. It is an alternative to traditional cheesecake, which can also be flavored with things like chocolate, peanut butter or other fruit variations. Banana cheesecake can be purchased at bakeries or restaurants, though many prefer to make this dish at home to save money or customize the ingredients to suit personal preferences. Recipes can range from simple to complex, depending on the number of ingredients and techniques that are required. Like other types of cheesecake, banana cheesecake is considered a decadent treat that is generally reserved for special occasions.

The most basic recipes for this dessert include only sugar, cream cheese, eggs and bananas. These ingredients are mixed together and placed into a pie crust, which may be store bought or prepared at home using cookie crumbs and butter. The traditional cheesecake crust is made of graham crackers, though others using chocolate or vanilla cookies instead. Once the cream cheese mixture is placed into the crust, it is generally baked in the oven until it reaches the desired texture and a brown crust forms. For a quick alternative, some cooks may use a no-bake alternative, which consists of cream cheese and other ingredients placed into the crust and allowed to set in the refrigerator.

Cheesecake should be eaten in moderation because it is generally high in calories, fat, and sugar. To make this dish slightly healthier, some recipes call for basic substitutions of common ingredients. For example, light or fat-free cream cheese can be used in place of traditional full-fat varieties. Sugar substitutes help cut sugar content, while yogurt can help add a creamy texture with less fat. Ground nuts may be used in place of cookie-based pie crusts to make the dish more appropriate for those with gluten intolerances or wheat allergies.

While mashed bananas or some form of extract flavoring are used in the majority of banana cheesecake recipes, some also include additional specialty ingredients. Popular variations include banana chocolate cheesecake and strawberry banana combinations. Others add rum, nuts, or swirls of fruit, chocolate and other sweet treats.

Banana cheesecake is traditionally served cold, and may be topped with whipped cream. Slices of bananas and other fresh fruits make a popular garnish, while some prefer to drizzle chocolate or caramel sauce over the cheesecake for a bit of extra sweetness. Layers of nuts or cookie crumbs may also be used as a topping for this dessert. While most cheesecakes are baked in a round pan and cut into slices prior to serving, some restaurants and other outlets make small round versions designed to make serving easier.


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