What Is Baby Balm?

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A baby balm is a moisturizer that has been specially formulated to heal various problems with babies' skin. It is commonly used to treat the rashes and chaffing that babies experience while wearing diapers, but can also remedy other skin irritations. It can be applied after a bath by being rubbed onto a baby's body until it has been absorbed into the skin without leaving a residue and creating a barrier to the moisture that usually causes a variety of skin issues. The balms are made from a variety of ingredients, and organic and natural versions provide a safe alternative to the usual petroleum jelly fix. Adults can also use baby balms for many personal skin problems, as well.

Usually applied to affected areas after a baby has had a bath, the baby balm can help to remedy skin issues such as diaper rash, itchiness, and dry skin, as well as cradle cap and other common maladies. While a baby balm can do a lot to reduce the discomfort associated with these problems, it can also be applied to a baby for general massage purposes. Rubbing a balm made with lavender into a baby's skin, for example, can help to calm a baby to the point of sleep.


The type of balm formulated for babies is favored by many who care for children because of its reputation for absorbing into the skin and not leaving residue behind. This is especially important for those skin problems that require a quick moisture barrier to speed the process of healing. The balm is also designed so that it doesn't leave stains on materials, making it a suitable product for those who would prefer to keep clothes stain-free.

Baby balms can be organic and made with a number of natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients can include extra virgin olive oil, chamomile, and shea butter, as well as beeswax and calendula. A benefit of using an organic baby balm is that it can be free of potentially harmful synthetic ingredients, such as petroleum and parabens.

Adults who appreciate mild and gentle beauty products may also enjoy baby balms for personal use. They can be applied to an adult's body to counteract many of the problems from which a baby would suffer, like rashes, but they can also be used as a general soothing product for aches and soreness. Baby balm can be applied to cold sores, burns, scrapes, and chapped lips. Some may even use baby balm to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Men can use the product as a pre-shaving agent to guard against accidental nicks and cuts and also increase the chances of a closer shave.



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